Monday, September 14, 2015

Featured in White Rock

I do not normally commute as far as White Rock, but the designer was an acquaintance from years ago, and I have done other work for her in the last year or two, so I consented. Actually, it is only a 50 minute commute, so it is not a hardship. The house was grand, in a distinctive neighbourhood. The beautiful homes were all on 1/4 acre lots and the streets were broad and lined with mature trees. This house was being gutted and renewed, from top to bottom.

We did two feature walls, this one in the daughter's bedroom, and the headboard wall in the master suite. This was a colourful paper in a freshly painted pink room, oozing with little girl charm and playfulness.

Both papers were non-pasted, the kind that we had to apply paste to the back of the paper. With no plumbing in the house, and us needing a lot of water, we resorted to the hose in the back yard for rinsing.

This old style European look pattern had an interesting texture that looked like fabric embossing. It was cantankerous to work with and as long as one stayed at least 4 or 5 feet away, the seams were a bit obvious.

The Oriental customer did a very close inspection, asked a lot of questions, and finally gave approval and payment. I thought she was not happy with the job because of some of her comments, but when she handed over the money, she asked for my business card because she had a good friend who was looking for someone to hang paper in her newly renovated home. I suppose that is an indication that she actually was happy with the job.

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