Saturday, September 19, 2015


There is always something new and interesting in the world of wall coverings. This was a product from China, ordered online, and it was unique in terms of hanging characteristics. It was a very thin and flexible metallic. The thin papers have a tendency to stretch a great deal and great care has to be taken to start straight and stay straight.

Andrew was going behind me to check for small bubbles and pattern match, which was almost indiscernible on the seam, and yet when standing back, we could see the pattern shifts and changes quite readily.

A close-up shows the tiny textured tile effect.

Had the wall been a few feet longer, I would have lost the plumb line and wrinkles and creases would have been inevitable. Being highly reflective in nature, those creases and wrinkles would have been a disaster, especially because this customer had eagle eyes and was quite particular.

A couple of random shots of me 'doing my thing'. I always enjoy the challenge, and, of course, the final outcome.  

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