Thursday, September 3, 2015

Heads Up!

A while back, we hung this mural on one wall in the dining room of an upscale home in a wonderful neighbourhood. Last week the lady of the house asked me to come back and put up more "Oriental heads" as she called them. There was one stipulation. That area to the left of the patio window had to have three heads, complete, from top to bottom. I informed her that that may or may not be possible. The pattern had to continue around the inside corner and it would either work or it wouldn't. After much explaining, she was not 'getting it', until I started to measure where the heads would come if kept up the sequence of the pattern. She suddenly had a light bulb moment and realised that it was not as simple as she thought it might be.
Both of us must have got out of bed on the right side that morning (not the same bed) because the pattern was only 4 inches off from being in perfect alignment for her wishes. The 4 inches I fudged here and there and this was the final result. She was not home to see the end result, but I know I will hear from her. It is perfect.

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Rachel said...

Not my style. Ugh!