Wednesday, September 16, 2015

House With a View

We are the only paperhangers working out of the Chilliwack Paint and Decorating store, but this Chilliwack residence came from a contact in Abbotsford. The father/son team who built this house had us do some work in their own home a few years ago, so we have a history.

The assignment was to hang a silver textured paper on an 11' high fireplace feature wall. Starting at the center, this is the first piece up.

But first, we had to step out onto the patio to enjoy the view of the Fraser Valley.

Two hours later, we were done, with fireplace front re-installed.

Seen up close and on an angle, the texture of this paper is more evident.

As seen from the front entry, the room now looks more complete, and we can cross another job off our list.  
PS. This house is for sale if any of you are interested.

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