Friday, February 7, 2014

A Birthday and a New Restaurant

It was our daughter's birthday this week and as is our tradition, the five adults in the family went out for dinner. It was her request that we go to Brodeur's Bistro on the corner of Blueridge and Mt. Lehman. We are always game to try something new, and because the Super Bowl Game was a done deal by half time, we met at 6 pm and found the place almost empty, despite all the large screen TV's playing the game.
There was a lot on the menu that looked very appealing but I chose the Buttermilk Chicken Gourmet sandwich with Poutine on the side. You can see from the photo just how large that was! Rachel has been here several times and is working her way down the menu. For the rest of us, it was mixed revues. I loved mine, but a few of the others were giving it average votes. It is a bit pricey but I thought the quality and taste was very good and there are a number of unique specialty items on the menu. Next time I go I will try their Montreal smoked meat or something from the New Orleans side of the menu.  The atmosphere is a bit like a sports bar, but that is the trend these days. I thought that because there were few patrons, they could have turned the volume down a bit. The service was friendly and very good.
Beyond this post being a restaurant revue, I must say that I look forward to these dinners which happen five times a year. I hope it is a tradition we can keep.

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