Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Prince of Preachers

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was born in 1834 and at the young age of 16, preached his first sermon to a group of farmers. Three years later he was called to lead the largest church in London, the Metropolitan Tabernacle, where he pastored for the next 38 years. He was a prolific writer, a charismatic speaker, and is considered to be one of the best preachers of all time, having preached to an estimated 10 million people in his lifetime.
"Spurgeon Gems" is a free download from the Kindle bookstore and is a collection of excerpts from some of Spurgeon's thousands of sermons. One gets a strong sense that he was a straightforward man who did not mince words. His theology was biblical and orthodox. I get the sense that he must have been a great orator because his words are not necessarily profound nor all that original, but are easy to understand. His main theme was grace, salvation not through works but as a free gift of God through his son Jesus, by way of his death on the cross. His concerns were the salvation of man's soul, and the discipleship of believers, that all do their part in the church and in preaching the gospel to all men.
It is a book that may be best referred to at times instead of read at one sitting. There is much to absorb here and the topics vary from the nature of God, to salvation, faith, wisdom, trials and suffering, prayer, family, the Bible, and preaching.
It is not a heavy book on theology but a glimpse into the mind of a great and effective preacher of the 19th century. If you want to know what he said that convinced thousands to come to Christ, this little book will give you a good idea.
4 stars   

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