Thursday, February 27, 2014

A February Winter

My camera lies dormant for most of the winter, unless I am on vacation, there is snow, or there is some family indoor occasion. With the snow we had last week (I was busy working so did not get out much) here is a bit of what I was able to capture. Above is the first snowfall of the year coming just as the first little green buds are beckoned by some warm sunshine in the previous days.

The iconic raspberry sculpture on Clearbrook Rd. announcing that we are the Raspberry Capitol of the world (?) when actually we are becoming the Blueberry Capitol of the world.

The Snow Drops in my back yard with snow dropping on them.

Two days ago on King Rd.

Cedar Boughs with a light snow covering.

The new acrylic deck roof we installed last summer is working out really well. Here the accumulated snow is starting to slide downward and I have no idea how it can hold itself together as it hangs over the edge. Seconds after I took this photo, gravity took over and it all crashed to the ground below. No out of bound snowboarders were hurt in the photographing of this scene.

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