Sunday, February 9, 2014

Endurance Test

I look forward to the Olympics every two years (summer and winter games) but I forget, from one year to the next, what an endurance test it can be to watch the proceedings on TV. I have not had a stop watch to confirm this, but my guess is that for every three minutes of games, there are two minutes of commercials. This would be much more tolerable if there were some variety in sponsors or there were more new and unique ads. I am writing this on Saturday morning, and have had a chance to watch uninterrupted most of the morning and I am sick to death of all the ads already. How will I make it to the end? I will not. I will find a site somewhere on the internet that will give videos and synopsis of the daily events. I am very interested in the events themselves, the personal stories, the medal count, and how Canada is faring, but I do not give a lick for the ads.  Maybe because I do not watch much TV, I am not used to this.
Why not take an approach that other advertisers have taken, on rare occasions. Have a brief ad at the beginning of an event stating who you are and why you want the viewer to watch the event uninterrupted. Now that is a company that could garner my loyalty instead of making me want to start a boycott.  

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