Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday

Why is it that when we look at our children, especially on their birthdays, that we see them as they were when they were very young? On their birthday, I go through the old photos and slides (which I wisely scanned a few years ago) and it is very nostalgic for me as the old memories come flooding back. What has happened to the years? I will tell you what happened.
Our cute daughter grew into a beautiful woman. As she matured, we slowly discovered who she really was and we were (and are) pleased. She found a wonderful husband, embarked on a career that she loves, and became the mother to three boys, our grandsons. The evolvement of our children and now our grandchildren is a constant delight, at least in our case it most certainly is.
A birthday is an occasion to give thanks and take stock. It is a celebration of survival, of progressive development, and a time to hope for a future that will be as much a blessing as the past has been. The greeting "Happy Birthday" is not only a wish, but an acknowledgement that we are happy that you have blessed us for all these years. (note that I am not giving away a woman's age. It is for the sake of self preservation that I do this)  
Rachel, may this day be a reminder of God's blessings in your life and a renewal of your commitment to follow Him.
Happy Birthday!