Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Chair

I take good care of my things. I do not abuse or misuse my 'stuff' so it was with great consternation that I sat down one day, in my very comfy office chair, leaned back, and almost crashed to the floor. With a loud snap, the base of the arm had broken and one whole side of the chair leaned back and collapsed.

I made four attempts to glue, screw, and repair the heavy plastic arm, but to no avail. The tension and forces upon these two pressure points was too much for even Krazy Glue II.

After sitting on a kitchen chair for a few days, I finally went shopping and found a great deal at Staples, getting $100.00 off of this multi-adjustable, leather 'task chair'. I am back in business and now have another item for the garage sale in Spring. The old chair will be free, of course, because of its condition, to anyone who thinks they can fix it.

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