Monday, September 15, 2014

A Day At Baker

The weather this summer has been phenomenal and we realised that it will soon be back to dismal weather, so we decided to do  family outing. We skipped our usual Sunday morning church and attended services in the worlds most spectacular cathedral, Heather Meadows above the Mt. Baker ski area. I am not a world traveller, but I have been to a few places and this is by far the most spectacular place one can get to with relative ease. It had been many years since we last hiked here, and it was even more spectacular than we had remembered.

The scale is deceptive, until you start hiking into this bowl. In a few weeks this will be covered in snow and by next spring could be under 25 or more feet of snow and ice. Note the 'little' snow bank in the center of the photo because my next post will be about what we found there. It is not a little snow bank at all.

busylizzy enjoying the warm sunshine, invigoratingly fresh air, and spectacular views.

My three grandsons, Nathan, Liam, and Chad. It was so great to spend a day with them and enjoy together the sights and the trails.

Mid day picnic time in the alpine setting with chipmunks darting about for crumbs, the hot sun on our backs, and a home made blackberry pie. Can it get better?

Liam had been under the weather just the day before, having to spend part of the day in bed. He was totally recovered and hiked like a trooper, not once complaining about the length or steepness of the trails. What a fun kid! He will be 6 in a few days.
Next post, I will show you the bonus we found which was the highlight of our day.

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