Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beavers and Berries

We travel Highway 3 (Hope Princeton) quite often and I never tire of the variety and the beauty. We used to rush through it in the old days, but now I am rarely in a hurry and we love to stop at our favourite places, and occasionally a new spot. Just east of the Manning Park Lodge there is a road side attraction called Beaver Pond. It has been many years since we stopped and explored here. It is a small meadow that was flooded many years ago when the beavers decided to build a dam here. Not much changes over the years, but this time, in mid August mind you, we discovered a bumper crop of ripe succulent Saskatoon berries.

These berries are not all that uncommon in the interior, but by August they are usually done, with only dry raisons left on the branches. We ate our fill and were happy to have been rewarded with more than a Beaver Dam.

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