Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ice Caves

That tiny glacier, or snow bank, in the distance became more intriguing as we approached it. There was an opening with a small stream pouring out from under the snow and as we followed the channel, we discovered the ice cave. Here is Liam and Keith, entering and as long as you could see the entry, Liam was OK with it.

Here you can see the look of apprehension as the water is dripping and it is bit darker back here. The wonderful blue green glow in the background is the light filtering through the ice.

The smooth, hard, gentle undulations of the surface were icy cold and wet, giving us a great relief from the outside temperature of 28 C. It was a mysterious and intriguing place to be as the water dripped and the branches of the cave spread outward.

Here is Nate in the back of the cave where it was very dark and only the camera flash gave light. The walls look pillowy soft but they were as hard as nails so we were not concerned about a cave-in.

Here are the boys exiting the cave and ending their most excellent adventure. We got wet and cold so welcomed the hot sun as we returned to the trail.

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AF said...

Awesome ice cave pics!!!