Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Cabinets

We used to paint more kitchen cabinets but have become reluctant since paint technology took a turn to 'green'. The old enamel base primers would eat into the old finish and a minimum of preparation was required. Now the primers are acrylic and degreasing and cleanliness are an absolute must, even then, adhesion of the paint is questionable under hard use. We experimented with different primers and top coats and came up with a method but it requires about 6 weeks of curing time before it no longer chips away easily.

We consented to try a set two weeks ago and after much work and great care, it turned out well. The old medium oak cabinets made the kitchen dated and dark. It was totally transformed with the new finish. We also consented to installing new hardware, a must anyway to prevent fingernail and jewellery contact for the first few months. But, it also added a very nice decorative touch.

Putting on the last drawer and door pulls and knobs was a pleasure after all the tedious painting. The customers were ecstatic about their 'new' kitchen. Now we wait for the call backs and the touch-ups even though I did lecture for twenty minutes about how to protect the paint for the next six weeks.

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Rachel said...

I potentially am looking at getting this done to my cabinets as well :)