Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Designer's Home

When I was first contacted about this job and was told who it was for, I was a bit nervous but I have always been up to a challenge. I was taken by a 'middle man' to the penthouse suite at Summit Point on the Lake where I was introduced to the owner, one of the most well known businessmen in town. He was friendly and put me at ease and after showing me what he wanted, I consented to doing the job. The wallpaper was discovered in an Architectural magazine and the customer searched the internet for three months to track down this paper and order it. It came from China and had no English labelling or instructions.  Thanks to a bit of experimentation and plenty of experience, I got 'the hang of it' (pun intended) and in a few hours we completed the job, three crooked outside rounded corners and all.
It truly did look fabulous in this setting and with his intentions of surrounding the wall nook with fancy black trim and mirrors. He and his wife watched us work almost the whole time. We exchanges stories, talked about people who had worked for him that we knew, and generally really 'hit it off'. When we were done, he gave me tip on top of my fee and put my name and number in his phone so that next time he would not have to go through the 'middle man'. I almost felt like I had made a new friend.
PS His famous architectural and design firm designed Summit Point.

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