Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Yarrow Job

Repainting a house that was a home to young children always results in a lot of preparation and repairs. You can see by the many patches on the walls of this house in Yarrow that there was much damage that had to be addressed before painting could proceed. We changed up the colour scheme from medium and dark earth tones to light and airy grays and off whites. All the doors and trim as well as all the walls required painting and it was a big job in a big house. This room was the only dark colour we worked with in this house, the boys room that went from a dark caramel to a royal blue. The contrast to the doors and trim was stunning!

"Oh, and by the way, could you please paint this rail?" It was a very detailed and labour intensive job. The mother of the owner offered to tape the black metal spindles and we reluctantly agreed. When we pulled the tape after three coats over a natural wood finish, we were surprised at what a good job she had done. The day after we put the last coat on, the cleaning people marked up the soft paint on the top rail. Grrrr!

A photo of the boy's royal blue room after it was finished. Another big job, with a happy customer, under our belts.

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