Saturday, June 6, 2015

Before the Baby

About a month ago I got a call from a fellow in Mission who wanted to book me for the end of May. He said he would have his paper by then and he needed to get it hung before his wife gave birth. I told him to call me the minute he got it in and was surprised to hear that it actually came when it was promised. It was the feature wall in the master bedroom. It was a plain paper but was what they wanted.

It had little rigidity to it so it was stretching and wrinkling a bit. Any warping becomes a big problem on a long wall as the problem accentuates with each piece. I managed to hold it together without any wrinkles or splicing

Here you can see the shiny wet adhesive and also all the 'orange peel' texture from a bad paint job.

In the end, it was an elegant and understated look, and the last thing I heard was the expectant mother squealing with delight as we walked out the door. Apparently she was too self-conscious to show herself while we were working, and we never did get to meet her.

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