Monday, June 8, 2015


This job was close to home, about three minutes away. It involved painting a feature wall in the main bath, and wallpapering a feature wall in the ensuite. But it was not too straightforward. The new heat registers had to come off as repairs had to be made under and around them. It took a while to figure out how to do that. Also, the towel bar was dangling on the wall so we had to place new anchors and re-attach the bar solidly.

The wall was deep purple in a mauve bathroom. We also did fills and touch-ups in the kitchen which had the same colour. The previous painters were not very good at all.

Meanwhile, in the ensuite, I got the paper hung, and it was beautiful stuff. There was enough left over to do a small wall in the entry too. The lady of the house showed me the silver peel and stick tile splash kit she had bought. I asked her if she wanted me to install it and she jumped at the offer. I told her we running ahead of schedule on her job and I would just throw in the extra little bit of work. I had never done this before but I thought that the principle was the same as paper hanging. It was and it wasn't. She would have had a terrible time, and there was no second chance with this product. But it turned out great and I had a 4" strip left when I was done, just barely enough! It was fun to have a bit of variety on this one, and, as always, meet another wonderful person.  

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