Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Friendship Garden

There is a beautiful little garden, only two blocks from our house, that was built as a token of friendship between our city and a sister city in Japan. It is called the Friendship Garden. The price tag was over $1 million and because nobody uses it, it seemed like a waste. It backs onto our public library, which just recently also became a mini-campus for our local university. So, there is a bit more use, but when we go there, and we go often, it seems like it is our own private garden because we rarely see anyone there. It is a truly beautiful and tranquil escape from the noises and bustle of the city just outside its high walls. The waterfall adds a natural background sound and you can easily imagine that you are far from the city. Few people know of it, although we did meet a couple from Nova Scotia just yesterday, who were exploring it for the first time. Maybe we need to be tourists in our own town and discover other little gems like the Friendship Garden.

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