Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bringing Morality

The environment was in the news again today. That is not new, but what is new, is that the pope has stepped up, wearing his scientific hat, and proclaimed that we must collectively put an end to anthropogenic climate change, a.k.a. global warming. You can read the article here.
What I find fascinating, no, make that predictable, is the response he is getting from the generally liberal media. They are praising his words and thoughts. "He is putting 'morality' into the climate change issue", as if the pope had a corner on morality and there were no moral issues already present in the ongoing debate.
Is it not interesting that this man is suddenly given credibility when in the past he and his church were denigrated for their stance on abortion? Was he not putting morality into that issue? And how about the issue of the sanctity of marriage? Was he not denigrated for his old fashioned views? As I see it, he has been given token respect, but his views, even though they are becoming quite liberalized, are still demonized because society in general is becoming more averse to religion in any form.
Most recently, he got a lot of publicity by stating that capitalism is the bane of the world and the wealthy should share, in order to alleviate poverty. Nobody took him to task on the fact that the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is the wealthiest entity on the face of the globe, and as a church, whose mandate it is, to help those less fortunate, is hording its wealth as never before.
We are certainly getting mixed messages from our media outlets. What I would like to see is a bit of consistency in those messages.

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