Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Media Room

After spending more than an hour measuring and consulting, we were anxious for this wallpaper to arrive so we could get at it. It took almost a month, and we arrived 10 days before the big wedding. The very large addition to the already huge house was for the purpose of viewing movies and only viewing movies, although it would also make a great social gathering place.

We started in the washroom because the countertops and plumbing were on hold until the wallpaper was installed.

The poor lighting does not do justice to the rich texture and shimmering gold of this product.

This is the theatre and that is the screen at the back of the room, looking north. That is a normal 6'6" door beside it. This is a house, not a new Cineplex Odeon. Those strips on the right are treads for sub trades with mud on their shoes.

Looking south gives scale to the enormity of this media room with the luxurious commercial grade carpeting. The beverage and popcorn center is at the rear as well as a stairwell going to the top floor of the addition.

After completing the powder room on the first day, I did not want to leave until we hung the two first pieces of the theater wallpaper. This way, I could either lose sleep over it, or look forward to working with it in the morning. As it turned out, the only challenge was spending so much time on the ladder as the highest sections were 12' from floor to ceiling.

It slowly took shape and by the end of the second day it was done. I had estimated for 2 work days and I was right on.

Kudos to Andrew for keeping me going with the next piece just when I needed it. It was a bit of panic getting the paper on without losing the 'wet edge' on the adhesive because of the warmth of the day.

I have done a few media rooms in my day, but never anything quite on this scale before.

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