Friday, May 27, 2016

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In our trade, we get to work with some pretty fabulous designers and in some very wonderful homes and locations. Such was the case when after three weeks of emailing back and forth, we finally arranged an installation for Maria Killam on Promontory Heights in Chilliwack. We did some work for her in her studio.

The newer home was being renovated and this powder room was getting new fixtures, vanity, and wallpaper.

OOPS! Looks like I cut my hand off. My knives are very sharp.

These geometric designs call for plumb and level meticulousness, but unfortunately, the framing in the house was a bit off kilter and the pattern gets lost here and there as a result. But the over all look is stunning.
As for location, you cannot beat the view from the back deck of this home. To the right is Cultus lake in the background (the silver sliver).

To the center is the Chilliwack River Valley with the river visible to the left of center.

And to the left is the neighbours fabulous pool and sundeck. So much privacy here except for those neighbours. But wait a moment. Those neighbours are not neighbours, but the owner's holiday house which they built next door. It is a vacation cabin/guest house. When they want to get away from it all, they just walk next door. I have never run into a situation like this before. Apparently when the owner bought the lot, he wanted total privacy so he bought the one next door so nobody would ever build on it. Eventually he himself built on it. Quite the setup. I love these surprises when we get to a job site.

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