Thursday, May 26, 2016


Early one Saturday we arrived at trailer court where a middle aged couple were fixing up a double wide mobile home for their newly married kids. It was all they could afford. While the husband/wife team were installing Ikea cabinets, we papered a wall in the dining room. The front garden was nice and when they were done, I am sure it was cozy and sufficient for the new couple.

A few hours later we were on Eagle Mountain hanging some expensive heavy vinyl in an executive home with a fantastic view.

Our next job was in a very exclusive area of 5 acre parcels in the Ft. Langley area. The homes were all gated and partially hidden from the lane. It was new construction and we had worked for this construction company a few times in the last year. Nathaniel is a great guy and runs a clean and organised building site.

And then it was a respite from paper hanging when we painted an entire townhouse in the gorgeous Brownstones in Abbotsford. When we were done after a week of work, Andrew stayed behind to paint the top rail, posts, and bannister a very deep brown. This is very picky and detailed work, something he enjoys and is very good at. These wonderful folks gave us each a very generous gift certificate for our favourite Greek Restaurant just up the street from their home. We get just enough variety to keep us in the game and keep us from falling asleep on the job.

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