Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Two random photos today. The above photo is of the view out the kitchen window of a home we painted last week. It was a different kind of a job because the client had just had her whole house painted two months ago. After the painters left, she found a lot of deficiencies and after two call-backs, they stopped answering her calls. She had us re-paint almost the whole house. When we first saw it, we did not see too much wrong, but once we got started, bright lights a blazing and walls cleared of art and furniture, we saw what her complaints were. It was just a sloppy job when it came to the fine details. Most people would overlook this sort of thing, but our customer was very discriminating and detail oriented. When we were all done she was very happy and, so far, she has not called us back. We try to work, always, to a very high standard and simply do not have call-backs, unless to do more work, unrelated to the first work we did.

The optics are not good on this photo, but it is the first three strips of paintable wallpaper we hung in a new house in Mission. The client will call us back when a colour is chosen, and then we will paint the patterned and textured paper. This kind of paper had been around for as long as I have been a paper hanger and it just never goes away. There are varying grades and prices, but it is all basically the same. This one was pre-pasted and was very soft and pulpy as it went up. It will not be fun stripping it some day.

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