Monday, May 30, 2016

Lakeside Work

Blair tried to describe this job to me over the phone so I did not really know until I arrived what I was up against. It was one of the original cabins at Cultus lake and they were doing some renovations so they could "get a few more years out of it" before tearing it down and building something fancy, like most of the neighbours were doing. It was an eating nook, panelled with 'good one side' plywood, primed, and ready for wallpaper.

Before we started, we just had to admire the view from the living room window. It was a fabulous morning and the colours were warm in the morning light.

View from the deck.

It was a bit of a challenge to keep the pattern going with all those panel trims getting in the way.

I could live here, but not necessarily in this little house. I am sure it will be fine when the updates are complete, but it will still have creaky floors and a low ceiling.

A few hours later and the nook was decorated with silvery gray branches. The re-finished table will look great in there.

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