Monday, March 25, 2013

Good Use

Today was a #10 day. We made good use of the warm and sunny weather by spending most of it outside. The block work on the north side of the carport was done a few weeks ago so that was a big project out of the way. Andrew did a fantastic job. 

We noticed that the first Daffodil bloomed this weekend. There are many more to come. A few years ago, these guys got snowed on in late March. It does not look like snow right now, but then, March is a volatile month round here. 

I dug up, cleaned off, and re-positioned the patio blocks today. This time I put them on a 3 inch bed of sand. They should not heave anymore. 

busylizzy was in her element today, sunshine, dirt, and flower pots. Every year she is up to something new, and I wait to be surprised. Already, the lawn has been slightly re-configured and these pots have mysteriously multiplied over the winter.  Now that her big veggie garden is at her brother's farm, she has more room for blossoms and exotic flora. 
It was a great day. 

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Anonymous said...

Face it. Y'all are amazing super people.