Sunday, March 17, 2013

Keeps on Rolling

 I was again reminded, in the last few days, of how time keeps on rolling. There were birthdays, a 67th, a 94th, and a 15th, all of people close to me.

My cousin who was only 6 in the photo I posted few days ago, is now 55 and even though he still looks young and vital, he too is subject to the rolling of time that nothing can stop. As we were visiting on Friday, we seemed to be reminiscing a lot. It is something old folks do a lot of.   

I received in the mail, a few days ago, an application for a Guaranteed Income Supplement. They only send those to old folks. My only consolation is that I do not qualify.

I was having coffee at Tim Horton's the other day and as I was looking around at the other patrons, I realized they were all old folks, retirement age or older. I did not feel like I fit in until I saw my reflection in the window. My coffee buddy was looking kind of old that day and I suddenly realized he was 5 years younger than me!

How did this all happen so fast? I didn't sign up for this. Or maybe I just didn't pay attention to the small print. Back then at least I would have been able to see the small print.

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