Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Birthday Trip Part 2

After the light overcast in Las Vegas, we were getting a little stressed about the horizon. This was the direction we were going and it was a photo trip, and digital cameras are not supposed to be immersed in water.

We considered turning around and heading for the Grand Canyon in the south, but we both had our hearts set on the canyons to the northeast. This was the desert and deserts are supposed to be dry. Surely that wall of water was one of those desert mirages we hear about. We did not come all this way only to get wet. We could have done that at home for less cost.

But wait! Is that a glimmer of brightness in the distance? Yes it is, however that is off to the east and we are heading north!

We were soon into "it" and we put the windshield wipers to the test.

The terrain started to get interesting, but we were just bemoaning the rain. One can only take so many photos out of the window of a moving vehicle. At least we were dry ... for now.

Then we saw our first interesting rock formation and at about that time, the rain decreased to a slight drizzle.

The major highway (15) from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City cuts through a corner of Arizona before entering Utah. We did not need any signs to let us know when we crossed the state line. The Mormon churches were a dead giveaway.

Suddenly, the road was dry and we stopped to shoot this mesa. It was a foretaste and it tasted good.

Right across the road was another one. This was starting to feel more like what we had come for.

With renewed enthusiasm and gratitude that we had not changed our plans and gone south, we headed down the road, scanning and seeking the Bose sound system in the Cadillac for some Country and Western music. Hey, "when in Rome". This was starting to look like cowboy country. 
 Yee Haw.

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