Monday, April 1, 2013

Surprise Birthday Breakfast

My son-in-law and grandsons invited me out for breakfast. I jumped at the invitation, but little did I know that lurking in the private room at the back of the restaurant were most of my very best friends. They all had their heads buried in newspapers when I walked in, and when I recognized one of them from the back, the gig was up. But I was truly taken by surprise, and was absolutely delighted. Above is the whole group less my cousin who had to leave early, plus our excellent waitress

Frank, Bill, Henry, and Lanny.

Ron, Randy, and Ken.

Frank, Bill, and Henry.

Keith, Liam, Chad, and the old guy. Andrew, my son, was the photographer. 

Lanny retiring my old work shirt and presenting me with 4 new ones. He is my supplier for my business and this was a strong hint that I cannot retire as it would produce a strong downturn in his business. 

The old guy contemplating the huge free dessert that one gets when having a birthday meal at this restaurant. My grandson Chad ended up eating the whole thing. 

Great service from the friendliest waitress in town. Me wondering how I am going to get rid of that free dessert. 

Final group photo. We had a great time, roasting, toasting, and telling stories. I love these guys. 
I am now officially a working senior. 


Rachel said...

I was nice to be able to 'getcha'!

AF said...

It was a real fun day! Thanks mom for bankrolling it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww... a sweet entry into the best years. Congratulations and Happy 65th! (I was going to come in drag and crash the party but I had company this weekend.)

Li'l Sis