Friday, April 5, 2013


A fellow is taking a tour of the military display at the local airshow. The tour guide points to a completely empty runway and says, "What do think of our newest stealthy bomber?"  
The fellow looks around and says, "I don't see any bomber!"
To which the tour guide replies, "That new technology sure is something, isn't it?"
A few days ago I swear I was driving one of those stealthy vehicles. Can you see it in the photo above?
I was cruising past a local Tim Horton's and saw the Saxon Plumbing van waiting to pull out. As I was only a few feet from him, he gunned it and in an instant was right in my face. I hit the brakes hard and swerved to the right, hoping he would keep on going. He did and I missed by less than 6 inches. He was making a left and swerved right into the oncoming vehicle going the other direction. He did not see either of our stealthy vehicles, or .... he was on a cell phone, or he had too much coffee.
I continued on my way and was just getting settled from the adrenalin rush. I was going through the school zone at Jackson Elementary, driving 30, the posted limit, when a mom in a van pulled out right in front of me. Again, anti-lock brakes saved the day and I missed her by inches.
By now, I am really beginning to wonder if I am, indeed, driving an invisible truck. If you want to see this new technology, I will drive by your house today at 1 pm. Watch for me. If you see nobody and nothing, you know it is working for you too.


Margarete said...

I sometimes feel like I am in a stealth vehicle too.

Jan said...

You are now an elderly driver Terry. They will blame you if you hit them!!
Watch your back too!! Jan

Anonymous said...

Terry- thanks for stopping by today. Even though I did not see you at one o'clock, I did appreciate the visit.
Amazing technology! You are welcome to come any time again. Frank

Terry said...

I waved. I guess you didn't see me.