Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Birthday Trip Part 4

After having to rent a very cheap but clean room outside the park, we got up early and drove back the way we came and travelled the park from the opposite direction.

'The Checkerboard' is a solidified sand dune with both horizontal and vertical fissures. When you walk on sandstone you realize what a sure grip it gives with good rubber soles on good hiking shoes.

Variety is a key word when describing Zion Park.

We counted about a dozen of these amphitheaters. They were all about this size and depth and were elliptically shaped with great acoustics.

The early morning light brought out the pastels.

The storm clouds in the distance never materialized and we had no rain all day. The sun eventually came out and was quite intense.

Typical desert colours.

When looking at sand and rocks all day, a splash of colour attracts attention.

The colours in the rocks and strata are varied and intense. I have not increased any saturation of colour in these photos. I have tried and they immediately look phony. The colours are bright and intense even in flat light.  

The rock formations fascinate me. Some of these layers are loosely stacked like pancakes, while others tightly bound together. Everywhere there are layers, slabs, and slats. I wanted to bring a truck load of flat rocks home for our garden. The signs say to refrain from bringing even the smallest rocks home. With the millions of visitors every year, if each one took one pound of rocks, the park would disappear in a few years. :)

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