Thursday, April 4, 2013

Robin Hood Rip Off

I do not review every book I read. I have read 6 books since Christmas that are not worth the time. Hey, they were not worth the time to read either. I have this thing about finishing what I start. I think I do not want to admit that I made a bad choice when I chose the book from the vast array of Kindle downloads. I suspect that some of those positive reviews that guided me to purchase the book were written by the author's relatives, or maybe by the author himself. Hardly an unbiased opinion. 
I had my eye on this set of action/adventure books a while back and when I was searching for a few books in February, I noticed that this whole set was FREE for two days only. What luck! 
Well, not so much. I read two, skimmed one, and got half way through the fourth and just shut the whole thing down. I can only remember two other times that I did not finish a book. I just could not stand to think of finishing this series. 

The  premise is wild and unbelievable, the action is so ridiculously over the top and frenetic, the gadgets are preposterous, and the characters are so forgettable that after three books of this nonsense I still could not keep the two computer nerds separate. 
Carolyn McCray has written numerous books. I suppose if one is self published, one can write as many books as one wants, regardless of whether they are good or not. I found the Robin Hood series to be so bad that they are off the scale. Thank goodness I did not pay for them. I will have no trouble deleting right off my Kindle. 

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