Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Annual Garage Sale

So much happening lately that I am a little slack on the blog posts. I can't believe I did not blog about hockey playoffs or the election. I must be getting old, or something.

I thought I would give a plug for our annual garage sale which is happening this coming Saturday. We are gearing up .... we have been gearing up for a long time now ... and will be ready for the crowds on Saturday morning. I just brought home some nice bookshelves, (4)  a filing cabinet, and a steel shelf for the garage. Our basement is full of all sorts of items that are priced and ready to set out on the tables.

It is a lot of work but very satisfying. Ken and Jan are heading to Africa in June and will be  bringing back a report on how things are going in Mwanza. We are all excited to report that a young woman from the USA is going to Mwanza to work there with the kids full time. We met a few months ago so the connection has been made and that makes it all the more meaningful to help supply funds for the kids of Mwanza.

Thanks in advance to all of you who will be coming to the sale, and a huge thanks to the many, many people who donated items this year again.

Mouat Drive, Abbotsford.   8am - 3pm. Rain or shine.

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