Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reciprocating a Blessing

Today we had our annual fund raising garage sale. It was a success, again. Every year we ponder whether we want to do it again, or not. Ask me now, I will say "probably not". Ask me in a few months and I will say "of course". We are in that kind of a cycle. It is a lot of work, all culminating in a day that leaves all of us tired.
But I must tell you what motivates me to continue. Of course, it is the fact that we are doing something good for the underprivileged of the world. But beyond that, my lack of belief about any good left in humanity is usually dissipated on this day.
It surprises me every year that I make small but meaningful connections with people, most of them total strangers. The East Asian gentleman who dickers and bargains on a $2 item, until I tell him that we are raising funds for orphans in Africa. He immediately pays up and then gives a small donation on top. The young woman and her friend who, upon hearing what we are doing with the funds, immediately opens her purse and announces that she has money and intends to spend it here. She is wowed that she can help. Several people who gave cheques or cash donations. Our amazing Care Group who went above and beyond the call of duty and gave of themselves, their time, their food, and their money.  
There are more, but the one that got me today was actually caught in the above photograph. I did not know that busylizzy photographed me helping these two ladies until she emailed me her photos just now. I am carrying a large toy for them to their vehicle which was parked down the street and around the corner. The daughter is walking ahead and the mother is talking to me as we walk. This is what she told me. " You do not know what a lift you have given my daughter today. We were just out enjoying the holiday weekend when we came upon your sale. When we read the poster about the funds going for African kids, she was thrilled and that is why she spent so much money there today. She needs to make a connection with Africa, and she feels that she has done that today. You see, recently her son went on a missions trip to Africa and died in an accident there. Finding you and your friends  here today has been the most amazing thing for her. I have seen a heaviness lifted off of her shoulders just a few minutes ago."  
When I asked God, last night, to "bless our sale", I sheepishly admit that I was kind of referring to the rainy forecast. And it did not rain, but instead, there were showers of blessings.   


Jan said...

So glad it went well. God always uses us in amazing ways.

Rachel said...

What a great connection!

Anonymous said...

Way to make me cry.