Friday, May 10, 2013

Time for a Fix

Our deck roof was rotting. Yes, rotting. The corrugated fibreglass was broken and lifting in the wind and rain, and the roof under it, as well as the ceiling on the underside, were showing a lot of mould and mildew. Not safe.
We are enjoying the air and light of this new look, but a new roof will soon be installed, something perhaps tinted and translucent. It has not rained since the roof came off so we will be running around storing chairs, pillows, etc. as soon as the rains come.
Photos to follow if I ever get a round tuit.
As for the gout, it has subsided somewhat. I worked all day and hardly noticed until the end of the day when it started to throb again. I remember when my dad had it at age 70 or so. He was complaining and limping so bad it almost made me laugh. I wanted to say to him "C'mon, man up and ignore it"
Father, forgive me.

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