Saturday, May 4, 2013

Something For Everyone

'Sin' is a bad word. Now, people engage in inappropriate behaviour, make mistakes, and do regretful things, but nobody sins. But it seems that in the city where sin abounds, they don't mind calling it what it is. Can you read the logo on the bus? "Vegas, let the sin begin"

And how appropriate to have a 'she-devil' larger than life and in living hell-fire colours to announce the location of one variety of sin. She's hot, but beware the pointy things.

You cannot miss this giant sign on the strip. Actually, most of us are nude daily, at least those of us who shower. Also, I have stripped a lot of wallpaper in my day, so this sign is really talking about me!

And Vegas is all about pleasure, so why not actually call your establishment "The Pleasure Pit"?

Needless to say, the bulk of the city is dedicated to gambling. I am sure that many end up here to scramble for the bus fare home.

If your behaviour was not only inappropriate, but also illegal, you might want to visit this little office. The name puts an innocuous spin on a serious matter.

This sounds like a safe and pleasurable form of gambling to me, sort of risk free and sanitary.

When you have had an awesome time, done some bad things and got away with it, and have a few dollars left in your pocket, and are somewhat inebriated, or just suffering from poor judgement, this is the place you head before you fly home.

For those who prefer gluttony over some of the other sins, there is no shortage of restaurants and diners. I like the Donut/Chinese food combo.

Not only is Elvis, Wayne Newton, and the Beatles exploited beyond reason, so are Donnie and Marie Osmond. This is a clever way around a copyright lawsuit.

This sign raises a few questions. What, exactly, do we exchange for noodles? And, is not Ping, Pang, and Pong three distinct dining experiences?

I never did care for these, but here is a huge building dedicated to having an experience with M & M's. I'll pass and go to the Ping Pang Pong.

And, before you leave for home, you need souvenirs. T-shirts, mugs, pens, shot glasses, hats, and key chains. "If it's in stock we have it". And if it is not in stock, I assume they do not have it.
Just a few of the signs in Las Vegas.


Gaye said...

Do you have any current photos of slot machines?

Rachel said...

Ha! Never wanted to go to Vegas and still don't.

Terry said...

Only the one I have already posted.