Monday, August 26, 2013

A Week in the Desert

Our week in Oroville was laid back and I had plenty of time to do my hobbies of reading and photography. Being inspired by a photography book on landscapes I particularly watched the skies over the lake this year. I also concentrated on taking photos in optimal light situations, primarily at sunrise and at the end of the day. Viewing these photos 'large' will give you an appreciation for the artistry in God's wonderful creation.

Clear sunny skies are optimal for holidaying at the lake, but for good photos you need a bit of turmoil in the sky, and we had it most days.

It is unusual that one sees so much colour in the eastern skies at sunset, but here we do.

Looking almost straight overhead near sunset as a few threatening clouds passed by. They were bluffing. I think we had three drops of rain during the week.

As you can see by the sun dial, we did have a few hours of complete overcast.

Looking east at a promising sunrise. Getting up early here is a pleasure and the rewards are great.

Fire in the sky at sunset. There is a large mountain west of us so the sunset is very delayed after we lose our afternoon light. On a very hot day, this is a blessing.

Sunrise continued.

One tired tube after a hard day behind the Seadoo.

Sunset in the North!

Our little bay at the end of the day. It has become known as Mennoville Heights.

Seeking shade during the 35 C afternoons.

Our neighbour across the bay has turned his steep inhospitable lot into a little paradise. We know these people as we do the owners of all ten properties in the 'Heights'.  

Our view of the most southern section of Osoyoos in Canada.

The windsurfer needs a break too.

If you were a bug on a rock, this would be your view.

Mennoville mail with a full moon.

Our house looking North

Our house looking south.
Coming soon, full moon over the lake and the most spectacular sunrise.

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Fantastic photos, great lighting