Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Desert Sunrise

We can view these properties from the lake, on a boat, or we can walk the back roads and get a different view.

The sky and earth were bathed in pastel hues.

The apples will be ready for picking in a few weeks.

There is a pretty little lagoon on the north side of the Deep Bay parking lot which many people miss.

Here we rested a bit as we waited for the sunset.

Just when I needed a bit of interest in my photo, a convenient sail boat slipped into the scene.

A dry and dusty field just needs a bit of barbed wire to make it even more resistible.

Without irrigation, this would be sage brush and thistle.

Back on our property, a hardy Hollyhock whose predecessors were planted by my mother-in-law many years ago.

Our last morning. I could not sleep well and when the light started seeping into the room at daybreak, I peaked through the blinds and was up like a shot, camera in hand. The geese were coming in for a landing and the sun was straining to break above the mountain ridge.

Most people slept through this.

And this ....

But the geese stopped their flight to take in the beauty.

I took photos for the next hour as the light kept changing and the sunbeams kept moving through the sky. It was the last morning and a great send off . See the photos in 'Large' to appreciate God's artistry.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me want to be there when you do this again.