Monday, August 19, 2013

Crown Him With Many Crowns

I am sitting on the beach of Osoyoos Lake as this post is being published, wondering where I am going to get the money to pay the huge dental bill I racked up last week. Yes, I had another crown installed. I thought it was finally the last one, but my dentist told me there was one more. That is what he told me last time, and the time before. Eventually it will be true because there will no more teeth to crown. Or will there? The oldest ones will need replacing by then, I am sure.
I am afraid to tally the amount of money I have spent on dental work in the last 8 to ten years. I am at the age where the old teeth are in need of repair, and if I do not do them now, I will go into old age with poor teeth and many problems that accompany poor teeth. I can still handle the discomfort and the expense, something that will get more intolerable as the years go by. I am sure the total is more that $20,000.00 
I have to trust the skill and workmanship of my dentist so I do not have to go through this again. So far, I am pleased with what he has done. Not one of his restorations has caused me pain or any kind of problem. I can eat what I want, my teeth are no longer sensitive to hot and cold, and I am rid of that poisonous mercury amalgam that plagued my mouth.
But, a dental plan sure would have been helpful!


Gaye said...

Dental plan or not , you pay for it either way. The premiums are high.

Rachel said...

There is a cost to self-employment!