Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cover the Deck

Our old deck cover started coming off in the winter winds, so we finished the job later in Spring, ripping down the old ceiling, roof, and corrugated panelling. We found rot and multiple wasp nests in the old structure. I had put it up myself about 20 years ago, but not doing the best job. Apart from poor workmanship, the materials had just deteriorated in the weather and were done.   

The old roof was 2 x 4 construction with chip board on top of and underneath the ceiling. Then on top of that was the corrugated fibreglass panels. This time we opted for the open look and thought that 2 x 6's would look more substantial and decorative. We cut every piece according to our plan and them pre-painted every side. There are no cut, raw edges.

On the roof we installed polycarbonate panels with specialized spacers and screws. Everything fit like a glove because we planned and measured before hand. We used the clear panels, which block 90 % of the UV and let more than enough light onto the deck and into the windows along the deck. These shiny new panels are now waiting for plops from starlings, jays, crows, and sparrows. That is the downside to clear. Also, the Maple tree sheds all year round and in the Fall, especially, we will have a cleaning issue.

We did it all from the deck with various types of ladders and did not have to go up on the roof at all. Andrew, my fearless son, did all the high and dangerous work.

We really like the finished look and now we have our sheltered outdoor living space back when the rains come, as they surely will.

The next project will be replacing the steps going up to the deck. They are still safe and sound, but the maintenance on them is ongoing and they only look good for a year after I re-finish them. We are tired of sanding and scraping and priming and painting. I am going to look into steel stringers and composite treads. It will be a final and lasting solution if I can afford it.


Rachel said...

I didn't know that you had put up the original deck roof! Here I thought it had come with the house when we bought it. Goes to show that teenagers DO NOT pay attention to home renos.

Terry said...

There was a similar roof to the one you remember, when we bought the house. When I replaced it, I just did a copy cat job. Now it is entirely different.

AF said...

So shiny and new!