Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sherlock Meets His Match

"Watson, never yet have we helped to hunt down a more dangerous man than he who is lying yonder." And thus ends the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel, "The Hound of the Baskervilles".
After reading through most of the summer in the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories, I finally arrived at the most famous of them all. Watson plays a large roll in this story and proves himself to be a brave and resourceful man in his own right.
The Baskerville family is rich and has a large estate, but they are cursed by a vicious other-worldly creature who hunts them down and kills them, either outright or through sheer terror. Sherlock Holmes is recruited to protect the last of the heirs, Henry Baskerville, and to determine if the curse and the hound are real or imagined.
The cast of characters are interesting and the mystery thickens at each turn of the page. The clues slowly come to the surface and it takes Sherlock to piece it all together and at the very last moment, he is able to prevent Henry Baskerville from suffering the  same fate as his forefathers.
Doyle is adept when creating a chilling atmosphere on the moors surrounding the Baskerville estate, and a series of eerie events builds suspense and a sense of impending doom for the reader.
4 stars
I am determined to read the entire collection and I am slowly getting there. The mysteries are complex and interesting enough to hold my attention, and if I am not enjoying one, I am encouraged by the fact that these are mostly short stories and the conclusion is just a few pages away.
I am 70% done and hope to finish next week as I sit on the beach of Osoyoos lake.  

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