Sunday, August 4, 2013


This is as close as I can come to a cowboy photograph as I search my photo files. Why a cowboy photo?
busylizzy and I took the three grandsons to the rodeo tonight. I have been to a few, but the boys had not been to one before so it was an experience.
By gosh, it was as western as it gits in this here city. There was barrel racin', horse back ridin', calf ropin', bull ridin', and a gosh darn funny rodeo clown who had a thang about gay jokes. Wasn' he a gay cowboy? Well shoot my britches, I don't rightly know fur sure. The biggest thang to hit rodeo in many a year happened right before our very eyes as two bronkin' bulls come out the chute at the exact same time, one with'n a rider, one with'n no rider. You all never saw such excitement since Daisy Mae's cat sat too close to Gramma's rockin' chair. I was spectin' one of those bulls to crush one of those cowboys, plum flat. We had nuff of that after a spell and headed out to the rest of the Fair.
Not much at the Agri-Fair, I must confess. We bought some ice-cream at a concession that bragged it had about 50 flavours at $3.50 a cone. What they do is squirt some soft serve into a container, squirt some flavour from a chemical jar into the 'ice-cream', give it a stir with a whipper-snipper-whirley-gig thingy and then put it back into the machine and it squirts it back into a miniscule cone. It was the most unorganised and inefficient setup I have ever seen. And the two gals working in there were not getting along. I was embarrassed for them.
We then cruised through the midway, and then the animal barns, and then headed home.
Three hours with the grandsons is great. Three hours at the Agri-fair, not that great.


Gaye said...

Any rides on the Midway?

Terry said...

When you have been to Disneyland, those hokey midway rides are not too appealing.

Rachel said...

Yeah....I kinda warned mom that Agrifair was a bomb. Now you know for sure! A better bet is the Lynden Fair.
Thank you for taking them!

Terry said...

I'm always up for the Lynden Fair.

sultana said...

I thought that the creation science display was top notch as well. So much historical evidence and science to back up the truth of scripture. It was the classiest show of going.