Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Trip

These are Day Lilies and yesterday we took a day trip. Nice segue, yes?
I had some price checking to do for some household items and a few work items so we decided to hit Costco also. This is all in Bellingham, USA, requiring a border crossing. We listened to the road and border reports and thought that 20 minutes was not too bad and we would tough it out. The estimated time does not take cheaters into account and our wait time became almost an hour! How some people endure this on a regular basis is beyond me.
The final insult was being right behind a bright yellow Corvette that was detained at the booth and then escorted away by armed guards. That took an extra 10 minutes. It is all surprisingly forgotten once we get moving again, but then the anxiety returns when we contemplate an equal wait on the way home.
We did our shopping, saved about $40.00 in total, and then headed home. But what is this? No line-up on the way home? No interrogation? No duty to pay?
Let's do this again.

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Chris said...

It's very nice crossing borders on a motorcycle. They usher you right to the front of the line. This is because most motorcycles cannot just sit and idle without overheating. Mine is water cooled so it doesn't have that problem, but "they" don't notice that. :-)