Thursday, July 4, 2013


We took a quick trip to Keromeos on Tuesday. It was a gorgeous day and there was only light traffic. Our destination was a Cherry orchard, any Cherry orchard, that had ripe Cherries for sale. We drove a bit further to Cawston and found a great deal. The Cherries were $4 per lb. everywhere, but we found a place with freshly picked, cold Cherries for $1.98. We took everything they had at the moment, about 80 lbs. It was around 38C so we laid them in the bed of the truck in shallow boxes and I soaked a big bed sheet in water and threw the sheet over the Cherries. Even after the long trip home in the heat, the fruit was cold and had a layer of condensation on it. Perfect. We started canning them immediately.

The kitchen heated up quickly as we boiled and bubbled, toiled and troubled. busylizzy says that Cherries are the easiest of the fruits to can. This was a new variety that we had never heard of before, Christalinas or something like that. They are very large, firm, and juicy, with nice colour and great flavour.

We now have 35 jars plus a huge box full in the refrigerator. Fortunately, Cherries are my favourite fruit.


Gaye said...

WE? canned the cherries? Where are you in your apron?

Terry said...

Taking the photo.

Gaye said...

That's what I thought.