Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Farewell Minter Part 2

This combination of colours is interesting.

These were spectacular!

Tiger Lilies, reminding me of Sask. where they are the provincial flower.

Shaped hedges with the wedding tent in the background.

The air was cool behind this aqueduct waterfall.

The water played with the light, making for challenging but interesting photography.

We happened upon a wedding procession, the best part being the pretty little flower girls and the ring bearer below.

Rubbing the gardener's head for good luck.

It was a wonderful afternoon. Next year at this time, when Minter Garden's is no more, we will at least have a few photos and some good memories. Thanks Bill and Ella, and Frank and Elma for joining us.


Gaye said...

What's happening to Minter Gardens?

Gaye said...

What's happening to Minter Gardens?

Terry said...