Friday, July 26, 2013


We are finally getting around to putting on a new deck roof this week. We purchased all the lumber and started painting it in the cool of the morning, on the shady side of the house. I propped myself up in a lawn chair between coats of paint, but had to find the shade. It was a hot day. And then the Humming birds started humming around the flowers only a few feet from where I was sitting. Of course, they only come when my camera is not at hand. But being an optimist, I ventured inside to get the camera and then waited.

And surprise, surprise. They came back. I actually managed to get about 40 shots of the two of them, but with the poor light, (they refused to go into the sun, just like the photographer) the images were not sharp. But, I will take what I can get.

For those who know what this means, the auto ISO setting on the camera was too high because of the poor light. Also, I could not get a fast shutter speed or small aperture for depth of field so the photos are lacking sharpness and contain a lot of 'noise', that grainy dirt like appearance on the image.

The tiny birds promptly left and I again resorted to photographing flowers, my favourite subjects. They co-operate immensely, I can choose the ones in the best light, and I need not exercise any patience.  

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Anonymous said...

They look so real that I can hear the hummmmmmm.