Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Garden of Weedin'

busylizzy's brother has a 5 acre farm in the country and has been generous with it. He has lent a large portion of it to us, and some of our friends, on which to plant veggie gardens. The first thing you plant is a Scarecrow, which we did, as you can see in the above photo. Resembling a Raggedy Ann doll and looking way too friendly, one of the gardeners took it upon himself to up the stakes.

I grew up in Saskatchewan and spent a lot of time pursuing crows, and I know from experience that nothing will deter a crow like a fallen brother. It is no wonder that through the ages, a black crow, in particular a dead one, has been used as a bad omen. The crows get this. Where there is death for one, there may be death for all, so they stay away.

We were greeted yesterday morning by this sight, and although it did not send the shivers up my back, it must have for the local crow population because they had vacated the neighbourhood, completely.

Undeterred by dead black things, busylizzy began her mission of taking the first harvest from our lush garden. Here is the first Zucchini. There will be a bumper crop.

The carrots are in their second planting and are coming along fine.

But the big bonus was in the potato patch. We have whites and reds and after pulling only a few plants, we reaped two pails of fresh new potatoes. In our own little garden on our city lot, we are eating fresh peas, so we are now officially living off the land. The same cannot be said for the dead crow.

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