Monday, July 15, 2013

Close To Home

I was admiring this flower the other day, and noticed the tiny white spider on the petal. Not having seen one of these before, I got the camera, and just as I was composing the photo, the bee landed in the center of the blossom. Bonus!

Being a hot afternoon, I propped myself up in a lounge chair armed with my telephoto lens and waited for the neighbourhood Humming Bird to make his afternoon rounds. He absolutely loves these flowers and makes a twice daily visit. His obvious absence in the photo is proof that he did not bother to show up that day.  

And just over a few feet, to the south, there is this lovely garden bouquet that we see out our kitchen window. Our garden is mostly cool and shady and busylizzy's green thumb makes it even more enjoyable in the summer months.

These lilies are prolific this year. You will find these in the front garden, visible from the street and being a colourful ground cover under the massive Spruce tree. One has to make a concerted effort to take a bad photo of a flower.

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Anonymous said...

Color is what I like best about summer gardens. Thanks for reminding me of this joy.