Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Desert Moon

We were treated to a wonderful moonrise every night, two days before full, full, and two days after full. It began just as the sun was setting making for some spectacular skies.

It never truly gets captured in a photo, but I try. To sit on the beach in the soft evening air and witness this event is a spiritual experience.


My very creative niece spent a few days with us and when she started shooting fruit at sunset, I was inspired.

On our evening walk, we came across this butterfly. It was near the end of its life, not being able to fly more a few feet. How quickly will its beauty fade by morning.

We walked to 'the point' and the sky pastels were reflected off the lake. I looked at the time and announced that the moon would be coming up in three minutes and it would be "right there".

I was not far wrong. What a display as we saw it from a new perspective that night. I took hundreds of photos and it was very difficult to chose a few to represent the ever changing spectacle.

On our last evening, we walked to Deep Bay, along the orchard roads, and were again treated to such wonderful sights under fantastic lighting.

Tomorrow will be my last post on desert country and you will see why I jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn.


Margarete said...

Wow Terry!!! Such awesome photography.
You have captured some of the beauty that is usually only in my memory.

Terry said...

Thanks Margarete. I made a special effort this time. We did have some awesome light in the early mornings and evenings.