Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today is April Fool's day so that means I am another year older. The way in which we count birthdays says that I am now 66, but that means that I have completed my 66th year and am now embarking upon my 67th. If that is not depressing enough, if I was Korean, I would be 9 months older because they count from the moment of conception, which in my opinion is the most accurate way of keeping track.
Yes, life is a highway and when you are my age, the highway looks like the one below, cracked and worn and faded.
If birthdays are a time of reflection, it is unfortunate that as we age we are less able to reflect. My reflections, or memories, of my childhood and a bit beyond, are clear and vivid. The middle years are a bit fuzzy already. The most recent past is still OK, but don't ask me what I did two or three years ago. I still remember what I had for breakfast, but that is just today's breakfast, and actually I have the same thing for breakfast everyday so you might say that I am in a bit of trouble on that count.
I am just kidding of course. I believe I am still sharp, but names are a problem, something that has plagued me all my life. I still remember what busylizzy's real name is.
I love jokes about getting older. Some call it 'ageism' but I think it is a marvelous way of coping. Keeping a sense of humour sends the good endorphins coursing through the brain and having anything coursing through the brain has to be a good thing. Once your brain is empty, it is over. Having a birthday on April Fool's Day is even better because everyone has a great line for you, whether it relates to age or not.  
Whether I travel the actual Route 66 or just make it through this year, I hope it will be a good experience, one that I will be able to remember and take comfort in as the numbers keep getting larger.  


Rachel said...

Consider the alternative! Happy Birthday to my favorite Dad!

Henrietta said...

We've heard it said that sometimes age comes alone. In your case, it is coming with wisdom.

Happy Birthday!
Art & Linda

Terry said...

Thanks, both. I consider myself fortunate. I did some serious cardio-vascular today and it did not kill me. I was not worried because I have amazingly good blood pressure. For my good health, I am truly grateful. It is a gift.